Widescreen Tourism in Florida

The Cinerama process provided inspiration for tourists looking for a vacation destination that would include the glories of Europe, the wonders of the western United States and the beauty of Florida’s Cypress Gardens.

The Baldwin Library: A Reader’s Perspective

Dear Reader — Deep inside the walls of Smathers East, among the pages of Special Collections, lies the heart of a child. For some, that child is Alice, Cinderella, or Tom Sawyer. For others, the child is Little Red, Peter Rabbit, or Harry Potter. The Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, a collection thirty-five years…

A Book in Hiding

This extremely rare Spanish translation of the standard Hebrew prayer book (one of six known copies in world libraries) was printed in London in 1772 by Aaron Nodnarb. Nodnarb is an assumed name (a palindrome to disguise his real name, Brandon), which he used when printing works for his fellow crypto-Jews living under cover, hiding from the Inquisition.